Facebook Car Ads Automation for Car Dealers

Facebook Car Ad Automation by SocialMonkey will cut advertising cost in half while driving up sales.

Cut Your Advertising Costs in Half with Facebook Car Ads!

Interested in cutting your digital advertising cost in half while bringing more first time visitors to your car lot?  We have built a cutting-edge technology that utilizes AI to find in-market buyers and matches them to specific inventory on your lot through micro-targeting back onto site like Facebook and Instagram.

Micro-targeting means we combine different kinds of data such as behaviors, credit, and employment history to find the right prospects.We find the people doing searches for a specific kind of car on multiple automotive sites then match them to cars of interest on your lot.

Our solution is unlike any other digital marketing platform on the planet and our AI builds and serves these ads in the most trafficked websites in the world like Facebook along with our partnership with Oracle.  Our solution was built to be the ultimate match-maker between buyers and sellers of cars anywhere.

The amazing thing is that our solution is not only better at finding buyers and driving them to your website VDP page but we also built the solution to manage and optimize ad spend.  Basically, if you are placing 10 ads on Facebook by body style (for example), our system will monitor which ads are performing best and shift dollars to the best performers automatically.

How Do You Get Started?  All a dealer has to do is set a budget and watch the lead traffic come in automatically.  We will handle the rest and you can view our custom real-time dashboards or even view the traffic on Facebook direct.  Heck, we can even set up our system to run inside your existing Facebook account so you own all the traffic and data so it can be used for retargeting or whatever you desire.

Target local in-market car buyers

The only people who see your ads on Facebook and Instagram are the buyers who live within a 25-mile radius of your car dealership.

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Match buyers to your VDP pages

SocialMonkey AI finds people who are within 90 days of purchase and matches them to you inventory with up to 20 cars per carousel ad.

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Save time and money with AI

Our AI not only places ads on Facebook automatically but SocialMonkey optimizes spend by shifting dollars to the best performing ads.

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Independent Car Dealers

BHPH independent car dealers can win the game to sell and finance more vehicles with a much lower marketing expense. The SocialBot AI has the ability to target buyers who are in the need of financing regardless of their credit history. We realize the goal of independent car dealerships is to find good cars for good people regardless of credit history.

Our SocialBot AI does the heavy lifting of finding the right people in-market for your inventory and does lots of stuff behind the scenes such as ad placement, spend management, and optimizing listings via machine learning.

If you would like to read more about our secret sauce to cutting your advertising expense in half while increasing sales - click here.

Franchise Car Dealer

SocialMonkey was originally built because one of our co-founders was spending too much time and money attempting Facebook ads through his own franchise dealership but ever changing inventory and pricing made it very difficult. SocialMonkey's AI program takes a dealership’s live inventory and matches it to Facebook users by body style of interest and only show ads to people who are within 90 days of a purchase.

The amazing thing is our tool was less than half the cost of Google Ads words and blew the doors off of any services offerings on the market!

Just request a 15-minute demo and we'll get you started.

We Save You Money

We have the only tech on the market that actually drives cost down over time using AI.  Our system monitors ad spend and shifts dollars to the best performing ads to provide more lead traffic than anyone else.

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How Are We Different

SocialMonkey was built by people with over 40 years of automotive experience including ownership of Franchise and Independent dealerships.  Our solution not only places ads on the most popular social websites in the world like Facebook and Instagram.  We match the right buyers to the right inventory of interest.  We also handle everything end-to-end including daily inventory changes in ads, optimizing spend, optimize ad displays, and we drive traffic right back to your VDP on your website with no need for a middleman.

All you have to do is set a budget and let our system do the rest.  We will provide dashboard live data, weekly email reports, and we can even help you track your success through your Google Analytics or CRM.  We don't just deliver a new widget ... we work with you as a partner while also providing a solution that keeps you ahead of the digital marketing curve.

Let Social Ad Tech Working For You!

Provide Your Dealer Website

Just let us know where you want the leads to go and our system will go out and pull all your images and content daily and build the ads without any human intervention needed.

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Set A Spend Budget

Unlike some of our competitors, we spend your budget on ads to drive results no line our pockets.  If you set a $1000 ad spend on Facebook a month then you'll get $1000 worth of traffic.   We only charge a small fee for use of our tools that is as little as $150 a month.

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Watch Leads Roll Into Your Website VDPs

We drive leads from Facebook and Instagram right to your dealer website and it will have the appropriate tags needed to be linked to your CRM or Google Analytics so you can measure our effectiveness.

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Next Steps...

All you need to get started is setup a quick 15-minute call so we can get some details about your website and Facebook page along with your spend budget.  Give us 15 minutes and we'll have you up in one business day or less.