$49 per day budget

This is the budget that they started out with for a trial run of our system.

866 ad impressions per day

That means 866 people saw your ad but guess what ... you don't pay unless they click so it's free exposure.

40 ads clicked per day

Meaning 40 inventory items or more are viewed by this Audience each day. These people are on your website.

Who Did We Target?

  • Local
  • In-Market to Buy in 90 days or less
  • Credit Scores in your desired range
  • Age Range
  • Employment Status

28 Cars Sold

Yes, I said cars sold!

$52 Cost Per Sale

(remember, the industry average is $300-$500!)

*Should you stop spending in other areas?

Meet with our BHPH marketing experts (former dealers) and allow us to weigh in.