Automated Ads for Used Cars

We go to your website and pull in all images, copy, and content and build the ads segmented by body style of interest of your buyer behaviors and can further segment based on things like credit history or other qualifying criteria.

Automated Ads for New Cars

New cars are targeted differently than used cars.  Not only do we segment by body style but we can also build ads by make or model specific segmentation.  We can work with you if there are Co-Op requirements by the manufacturer to save you money too.


We can take a look at your digital ad strategy and make recommendations and set up ways for you to track performance inside your existing Google Analytics account or create special reporting inside places like Facebook not just for our tool but for all your digital marketing efforts.  In fact, we'll do this for free!


With all of our solutions, we provide you with things like:

  • Ad Optimization - We shift the placement order and determine the sexy factor of cars.  Basically, we display the ones that grab attention in front and adjust it based on performance (which ones are getting clicked the most)
  • Spend Management - Our system determines how much spend is allowed per day and shifts spend based on the ads performing the best.
  • Update/Change Management - Our tools monitor your website and update ads on a daily basis to make sure the right inventory is displaying at the right price.

Social Ad Tech Was Made To Save You Time & Money

One of the challenges of an Independent Dealership, for example, is finding the right buyers for your car inventory.  We realize not everyone has perfect credit but Independent dealers can usually offer financing where others cannot.  However, BHPH dealers, for example, don't want to reach everyone in-market ... they'd rather try to reach people within a ranged credit score or find people who have been employed for at least a year.  Our system can find those people ready to buy and serve only those people that meet your target criteria which saves you money while driving up your conversion rates.


Next Steps...

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